We know Futures...

We are a young company, however, has a sixteen-year experience in the advertising field, VAT payer.
On the stock market has been trading since 2012.

We deal only with our capital, any opinions, news, research, analyzes, prices or other contained in any communications medium from us, have the character or general educational information. Mentoring is currently not performed (on request).

From our experience, and why we are using Market Profile to trading ?
Reduce risk and move among the business elite.

Commonly available tools give misleading information and mainly operate only with the past. In order for retail trader was able to interpret the information correctly, you must use a combination of several instruments. This fact and the fact that the information shall be assessed very rapidly, are creating enormous pressure on traders leading to errors. For example, heavy series of green orders does not necessarily mean that the market is going up. Instead, it may mean that all market orders professionals executed and absorbed on a cost per ASK. In this case, in the short term trader can expect a weakening market.

Market price does not move due to some magical technical indicator on the screen, or a combination of moving averages.

If you are a short timeframe trader, and your input is not based on analyzing orders, then your chances of survival in the market decreases. Successful traders are successful because they know that the result of mutual trade will be determined by the behavior of other traders at the current price, and according to the flow of orders in real time (retail, banks, hedgfonds, speculators).

We can be monitoring current market depth with MP, historical, actual buyers, sales and fake orders.
That is all.




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